Is Coaching Expensive? What's The Cost of Doing Coaching (or not?)

Posted August 3, 2023

Hey, let's talk about the cost of coaching. Somebody hears a price tag. Consider this proposition: coaching for $4,997, and they think holy mind-blowing. That's a lot of money to have fulfillment. But is it? It's an investment in yourself, a lifestyle. The biggest "cost" of coaching is, in reality, the cost of not doing it. What type of return on investment can you expect in life measured in success, fulfillment, and happiness? How long would it take to get your full investment back in cash flow on the house if you were to buy a house? It would take years, right? So if you invest in coaching, how long would you expect it to take to get your money back? Hopefully, it will be much faster. So if it's life, career, or relationship coaching, Just imagine you are experiencing less anxiety, peace, self-confidence, more income, happiness, a better career, positive thoughts, success, control over personal circumstances, creativity, and fulfillment. Most people would trade anything for just one of those benefits. An additional break-through per month? Let's just throw some prices out there. You determine what the dollar value is to you. Let's say the value of defeating anxiety worth to you is $20,000. Peace of mind is priceless. However, you say it is valued at $800,000. Having more Self-Confidence is valued at $15,000. More income or a better career maybe lead to entrepreneurship $100,000. Happiness is another absolutely priceless item at $500,000. To have more positive thoughts than negative thoughts, $150,000. All as a result of your coaching. So, what are we talking about if that coaching was $497 to $997 per hour? The return on your investment far outweighs your cost of coaching. That's a huge win. Now all of a sudden, it's the opportunity cost and the ROI you're passing up by not doing the coaching. My services are not for everyone, and the cost per hour is not cheap. How could it be? I am an author, authority, and expert in my field, with three books under my belt on personal development. In fact, I am currently writing my fourth book. I am a certified Life Coach, Career and Relationship Coach. If you want the best, you must hire the best. If a coach is the cheapest, no one should expect them to be the best. On the other hand, if a coach is the best, no one should expect that coach to be the cheapest. Forget the rest and hire the best! Now you must decide the opportunity cost of not hiring a coach. What would you pay to learn skills, techniques, and know-how that will pay a big return on your investment over your lifetime? TCS coaching sessions go beyond merely being a paid service. It is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and a structured approach toward sustainable lifestyle changes. Our students have experienced a paradigm shift, hailing our process as a game-changer.

With a solid Educational background, Life Coach certification, and extensive corporate management experience, I have honed my expertise to help you unlock your hidden potential. In addition, being an Author, Authority, and Expert is a natural progression; as a Life Coach, Career Coach, and Relationship Coach, my passion lies in empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey that will reshape your life for the better? Join TCS Coaching today and witness the transformative power of true creative thinking. We'll overcome barriers and help you to embrace your inner potential.

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